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       Willie Meijer | Jurg Meijer                       Jurg Meijer                             Ivo vd Putten                              Sander Bisseling        Dennis vd Broek

The start of BMX24SEVEN as we know it these days is behind us for a while. Founder Willie Meijer commented it in an interview as follows: "I came Myself from the motocross and my son Jurg did BMX. I liked to work on his bike and that's how the idea came of making from my hobby my profession ". "We worked hard with the whole team here. I remember that in the beginning we had not much to spend and we had to overthink every euro. BMX has been less popular for a while, then you still have to investing and make good choices as well. "

We now belong to the largest bmx specialty shops in Europe and we have an enthusiastic team that is there for you at all times. All our employees have a BMX background and have raced at a high level for years and know the background of the sport.

We are happy to share these experiences and knowledge with you, come to Boxmeer and meet our team.